Episode 16 – Snap, Crackle, Corruption!

Episode 16 is here with tips and tricks and details about the Cho’gall fight and the Nefarian fight, the two end-bosses of Bastion of Twilight and Blacking Descent, respectively.

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It was @Elsen_DraenorEU who said she was going to listen to all 15 episodes of Blessing of Frost at work on Monday to keep her sane. Tweet her and let her know there are other, better options for her sanity! 😉

Choice of Skywall – holy paladins should apply so Kurn doesn’t lose what’s left of her sanity.

Conquest of Ner’zhul – The guild run by THEEEEEE Matticus of World of Matticus.

Announcements about the Dungeon Finder Call-to-Arms:


Apply to Apotheosis at http://www.apotheosis-now.com/main/!

Cho’gall tips:

@xmolder: While taking down the adds in Cho’gall’s fight is important, demo locks need to cut out that Hellfire spam. Send your felguard in, but stand back and use Rain of Fire for the bloods. Immo Aura is totally safe for the eyestalks, though.

@SturgarHawkwind: Re: Cho’Gall: Going into Phase 2, if there’s no fire on the throne, tank him there and clump up inside the skull. Gathers up the Creations in a small area (allowing for AoE). Also, if you’ve got SV hunters, Entrapment is HUGE. If you need blood help, get it.

@Shathus: have a hunter spec w/Entrapment for 2 extra slime stuns on Cho’gall

Dayden: Prot paladins can make a macro to target an enemy player, throw AS, then target back to Cho.  Works great to break worshiping!

@BeruHeals: Make a power aura for when you are puking so you don’t throw up on your friends!

@e_man41: IRL power aura needed RT “@BeruHeals: @kurnmogh Make a power aura for when you are puking so you don’t throw up on your friends!

@TikariOfET: Cho: Hotkey *all* your interrupts and determine a priority order going in so you know which to fire next.

@TikariOfET: Cho: smokebomb works wonders on tentacles. Smoke, they’ll target you, then cloak off. Lowers the raid damage.

Nefarian tips:

@Derevka: Lightwell on the Pillars for Nef. Glyph Psychic Scream on Chogal. 😉

@walkstweets: Nefarian: despite pillar assignments, everyone on the pillar (who isn’t assigned) who can interrupt should gun for the first! / Nefarian: On the pillars, a lightwell can be placed over the lava. It floats!

@SerrinneWoW: 4Nef: click the lightwell while tail-whipped!  useable while stunned 😀  also glyph your GS/PS if you are the p3 add tank healer

@xmolder: Bane of Havoc and Shadowburn are a destro lock’s best friends in Nefarian! Use them on Ony (or Nef, if you’re on Ony-duty) and the pillar add to help keep Improved Soul Fire rolling without hard casting it. Plus, it pads the meters. 😉

@JoeEgo812: Glyphed Divine Protection + HoSac on a tank for a crackle works. Useful? Not sure.

@Bindww: INTERRUPT!!!!! / for Nef p2. Jump up onto the platform at an angle so you don’t get stuck on the sides

@OriginalOestrus: Body & Soul is great for helping the add tank kite adds in P3 and for your healers to keep up with them.

@TikariOfET: rogue-specific: feint at 2s left on elec. cast and cloak (if up) at .5s. That way if timing is off on cloak, feint will be up / if you’re having trouble getting out of lava, try a different spot around the pillar. Tab-target before getting out.

Shoutout Links:

Kurn: Canadians, go vote on May 2nd! elections.ca has all the info you need. Also, huge thanks to Beru from Falling Leaves and Wings for help with heroic Chimaeron and Maloriak info!

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And here’s Apotheosis vs. Nefarian!



Episode 15 – Beating Down Bastion

Episode 15 of Blessing of Frost — how on earth did that happen? No guest this week, just Majik and Kurn chattering away about Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona & Theralion and the Ascendant Council.

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And we are proven wrong once again… Hours after recording the podcast, MMO-Champion updated the ZA/ZG loot list to include: Bracers of Hidden Purpose. The purpose of which, I imagine, is so that Kurn can upgrade from 316 blue bracers relatively easily…

Vidyala’s Gemming for Fire Mages post

Blizzard’s April Fool’s Patch Notes

Thanks to Selyndia who commented over on my blog about Al’Akir

Halfus Schedule: http://www.halfus.info/ and http://www.wowpedia.org/Halfus_Wyrmbreaker#Drake_combinations

Canadians, go vote on May 2nd! http://www.elections.ca/

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Tips and tricks from helpful people on Twitter (follow them!):

@Hulrok: In Council trash, be sure you can tell which circles are bad and which are good.

@walkstweets: You can sneak up the middle of the room to avoid trash between Halfus and the Drakes. 😉 / I suppose more seriously: the phase shifter trash can be LoSed and aoed down (the two packs before Halfus). / Hand of Protection is great for the stacks on Halfus, Hand of Freedom yourself after getting the grounded buff to axe the slow.

@SturgarHawkwind: Do the Portal masters last, they create much wackiness. Also, on the faceless, split em up and ice trap preemptively.

@bippy1990: be liberal with mana on the dragons as mana tide can be dropped more than once 🙂 xx / my guild like blood lust to be dropped on the first drake on halfus. From a resto shammy on EU – Saurfang 🙂 xx

@TikariOfET: V&T – rogues should be feinting throughout the fight, redirecting between dragons, and using cloak for blackout/meteorite. / You should send someone you’re willing to sacrifice down the long stairs to eat the elementals.

@JoeEgo812: Parachute cloak, slow fall, HoP, charge abilities, etc all prevent fall damage from Gravity Crush.


Episode 14 – Back in Blackwing

Welcome to Episode 14 of Blessing of Frost! Our special guest this week is the first repeat guest on the podcast, the tank officer of Apotheosis, Dayden. Our subject, as you may have guessed from the episode title of Back in Blackwing, is Blackwing Descent. Tune in to hear about basic Blackwing Descent boss abilities, tips, tricks and the like from the perspectives of a healer, a tank and a DPS.

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Kurn’s post: Lowbie Holy Paladin Guidance
Echelon (H) of Eldre’Thalas gets the Realm First H. Nefarian Kill. Grats!
Cassandri’s post at HoTs & DoTs about BRD
Rawr: http://rawr.codeplex.com/
4.2/Dev Answers #3 at MMO-Champion
Have Group, Will Travel Hotfix at MMO-Champion
Dayden’s previous appearance on Blessing of Frost

Dayden tanking Maloriak, pre-4.0.6.

Tweets from helpful followers:

@walkstweets “Actually, @healbot‘s latest post taught me an interesting thing about Magmaw: you can BoP a tank on the mangle.”

@JRWStormy “Only been to Magmaw. Absolutely brutal on spriest mana. Smart mana cooldown usage is key.”

@jedsblog “On Tron fight, kiting the poison adds through the poison cloud increases the damage done to them. Works for trons too!”

@LadyErinia “best tip I can think of.  on ods, ctrl 1 is your friend.  make you pet attack the right target.”

@EntropiaWoW “On the Elevator boss: Wait till it’s ascending and near the top before you get on!”

@BeruHeals of Falling Leaves and Wings “Black/White listing interruptible abilities for Maloriak will save you a ton of headaches.”

Addon: Gnosis for black/whitelisting spell casting and other stuff.

@JoeEgo812 “Watch your threat meter for ph2 Chimaeron > Will be the death order > Use HoProtection on caster dps as their turn arrives.”

@walkstweets “On phase 2 of Chimaeron, Shields (PW:S and IH) still provide healing benefit. BoPing your tank also will let you top him off.”

@Kaleri_ “life grip by Kaleri on atramedes is awesome?”

@e_man41 “A rogue makes the Atramedes air phase too easy.”


Kurn: to Megs (aka @whatsatotem) for Pocket Frogs!
Dayden: to the bar staff at the Barcelo Punta Cana
Majik: to Mabs for Rawr


Episode 13 – 10s vs. 25s

Episode 13 makes its long-awaited debut after being interrupted mid-recording on Monday. Our special guest this week is Vidyala of Manalicious, who you may remember as The Pugging Pally. Vid is the guild master of Business Time, an Alliance 10-man raiding guild over on the US-Moonrunner server. Our topic this week is 10s vs. 25s!

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Thanks to everyone for tweeting at me with regards to our topic! Here are the various tweets I got, distilled down into the basics. Follow these people on Twitter if you’re not already. 🙂

25 issues:
– more of a chance you’ll raid with someone you don’t like – Dahrla
– harder to diagnose issues due to the larger group composition – Walks
– more paperwork – Walks
– 25s are much harder on your framerate – Fannon451
– more officers, more organization, “tends to feel more like a small country than a group of friends playing a game” – Dahrla
– some people in 25s feel like strangers – Dahrla
– not being able to find 15 more! – SaltySlainte

10 issues:
– everyone needs to perform to their best ability/less margin for error – Vosskah, Shathus
– you don’t have every class buff – _Rades, Mrhealthplan had to switch from holy priest to holy pally for the group to have might.
– there’s probably no such thing as an “ideal raid comp” given the lack of bodies – Walks, Dayden
– can feel less grandiose – Vosskah, Dahrla
– zone-heal mechanics are not as effective in a 10-man setting (Light of Dawn and Holy Radiance in particular) – Walks

Ranking sites:


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Slight delay on Ep 13

Due to some unavoidable technical difficulties (ie: a fire in the neighbourhood caused the local power company to shut down the power grid around Kurn’s apartment building), Blessing of Frost’s 13th episode was interrupted mid-recording. We’ve rescheduled to continue the last chunk of the podcast, the General Chat segment, on Wednesday evening for a Thursday morning release.

Apologies for the delay, but when you have no power, it’s kind of hard to record a podcast! Check back on Thursday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!) for a not-remotely-Irish-themed Blessing of Frost!

Episode 12 – What’s Up With Updates?

Episode 12 is here and we talk about the recent announcement that Blizzard intends to release more frequent, smaller patches, rather than the grandiose patches of the Wrath of the Lich King era. Our special guest this week is Apotheosis‘ own Jaymzhendo, our resident feral DPS druid.

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Links mentioned in the show:

Lissana’s WoW Major Content Patch History at Restokin

Patch notes for ALL WoW Patches at Wowpedia

Patch 4.1 Features/Blue Posts at MMO-Champion

Team Waffle Podcast (Druid-centric podcast)

Apotheosis Recruitment Videos: Video 1 and Video 2

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Episode 11 – Progression Pointers!

This week, we explore raiding, progression and how to figure out where to go for your next kill in this non-linear tier. Our special guest this week is Stoneybaby, the GM of Big Crits, the Horde guild from the Sen’jin (US) server.

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Links mentioned in the show:

Daily Blink comic: “This Idea’s Got Legs!

Feist The Rogue on Twitter

Feist’s guild, Midwinter of Ysera

MrVoletron on YouTube and on Twitter

Thorim, featuring Onyxia Wipe Guy by MrVoletron

Bad Girls, featuring Sindragosa by MrVoletron

Stoneybaby (@stoneybaby) on Twitter

Big Crits Website and YouTube channel

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Episode 11 Next Week

Due to a variety of snags we ran into this week, primarily because I’m dogsitting for my parents, Blessing of Frost will not have a new episode this week. We know you’re crushed! 😉

Tune in next week for a new episode on Tuesday, March 1st, along with a brand-new iTunes feed, since the old one seems to not want to update no matter how we try to convince it to do so.

Episode 10 – It’s Good to be Guilded!

Wrath of the Lich King is over and done with. We’ve returned to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor and similarly, have grouped up together to face content in guilds, more often than not. There are a lot more guilds this expansion, many of them smaller than back in the Burning Crusade or Vanilla days. This episode examines why, exactly, it’s good to be guilded!

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Apothesois YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/apotheosisonet
Choice of Skywall — recruiting now! http://www.choiceguild.com/
Guild Advancement/Perks at Wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=cataclysm&guilds
Kurn’s blogs about the Light of Dawn nerf/unnerf: Blog 1 (nerf), Blog 2 (unnerf), Blog 3 (thoughts)
Osephala’s blog – she does our awesome episode graphics! Crispy Hands