Episode 11 – Progression Pointers!

This week, we explore raiding, progression and how to figure out where to go for your next kill in this non-linear tier. Our special guest this week is Stoneybaby, the GM of Big Crits, the Horde guild from the Sen’jin (US) server.

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Links mentioned in the show:

Daily Blink comic: “This Idea’s Got Legs!

Feist The Rogue on Twitter

Feist’s guild, Midwinter of Ysera

MrVoletron on YouTube and on Twitter

Thorim, featuring Onyxia Wipe Guy by MrVoletron

Bad Girls, featuring Sindragosa by MrVoletron

Stoneybaby (@stoneybaby) on Twitter

Big Crits Website and YouTube channel

Also, here’s an informal poll for our listeners. Is Kurn really the only one who would never faction-change to Horde? What would you do?

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