No Show!

Hey folks! Due to scheduling conflicts, Majik and I weren’t able to sit down together and record a new episode of Blessing of Frost this last week. But we shall return next week!

Next week’s topic: The Cataclysm Bucket List.

We want to hear from you! Tweets, emails and audio submissions (to podcast [at]!) are all encouraged, letting us know what your pre-Mists of Pandaria goals are! We need to fill up General Chat with your submissions, so please do let us know what your goals are. πŸ™‚

Tune in next week for the results!

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Episode 45 – The Siege of Wyrmrest Bosses

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back for a new episode before we take another couple of weeks off! The next episode of Blessing of Frost (number 46) will be released on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012.

Until then, here’s an episode detailing the first four bosses in Dragon Soul (normal mode!) and also introducing you to one of our newer raiders in Apotheosis, Serrath.

icon for podpress  Episode 45 - Blessing of Frost - The Siege of Wyrmrest Bosses: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

First thing to link — Hotfixes!

Please note, we recorded on December 18th, so we don’t talk about these new hotfixes. Especially noteworthy? ZA and ZG have been nerfed and Deepsea Sagefish (the fish used to cook intellect food) now have their own pools!

The biggest thing to note is that we are holding a contest that ends at 11:59pm ET on January 1, 2012. The contest is send in an audio bumper for one of the following show segments:

– Loremaster
– Hotfix
– MOLL-E (pronounced Molly)
– /Raid (pronounced “slash raid”
– Guild Tab
– Shoutouts
– Tip of the Week

The best bumper received between now and 11:59pm ET on January 1, 2012, will receive their choice of one of the $10 Blizzard pets in the Blizzard store, courtesy of Serrath! Audio bumpers should be in mp3 format and should be sent to us at:

podcast [at] blessingoffrost [dot] com

Icy-Veins is a great resource for raiders! Lots of description and detail on all the various mob/boss abilities. Of particular note, their comments on the Yor’sahj the Unsleeping encounter.

That’s about it for this week — keep tabs on us by following us on Twitter: @kurnmogh and @Majjity for us and then @ApotheosisET for our guild (!) and, of course, @serrath_ for our guest this week, Serrath. πŸ™‚

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Call for Submissions!

If you went to BlizzCon, we’d love to have your audio submissions (by midnight ET on Monday night/Tuesday morning) sent to us at!

In a ~3-5 minute segment, we want to hear your quick (!) thoughts about BlizzCon and such. It would be great to get the following info in the wav or mp3 file:

1) Toon name/server name
2) Where you travelled from to get to the convention
3) Your favourite part of Blizzcon
4) Quick (!) thoughts about the new expansion — love it, hate it, what you’re looking forward to, if anything.

Even recording on a smartphone and sending it to us ought to work, so submit ASAP and we’ll get it in Episode 39 of Blessing of Frost!

(Please, only those who went to the con, others who want to chime in on Mists of Pandaria will have their chance!)