Episode 14 – Back in Blackwing

Welcome to Episode 14 of Blessing of Frost! Our special guest this week is the first repeat guest on the podcast, the tank officer of Apotheosis, Dayden. Our subject, as you may have guessed from the episode title of Back in Blackwing, is Blackwing Descent. Tune in to hear about basic Blackwing Descent boss abilities, tips, tricks and the like from the perspectives of a healer, a tank and a DPS.

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Kurn’s post: Lowbie Holy Paladin Guidance
Echelon (H) of Eldre’Thalas gets the Realm First H. Nefarian Kill. Grats!
Cassandri’s post at HoTs & DoTs about BRD
Rawr: http://rawr.codeplex.com/
4.2/Dev Answers #3 at MMO-Champion
Have Group, Will Travel Hotfix at MMO-Champion
Dayden’s previous appearance on Blessing of Frost

Dayden tanking Maloriak, pre-4.0.6.

Tweets from helpful followers:

@walkstweets “Actually, @healbot‘s latest post taught me an interesting thing about Magmaw: you can BoP a tank on the mangle.”

@JRWStormy “Only been to Magmaw. Absolutely brutal on spriest mana. Smart mana cooldown usage is key.”

@jedsblog “On Tron fight, kiting the poison adds through the poison cloud increases the damage done to them. Works for trons too!”

@LadyErinia “best tip I can think of.  on ods, ctrl 1 is your friend.  make you pet attack the right target.”

@EntropiaWoW “On the Elevator boss: Wait till it’s ascending and near the top before you get on!”

@BeruHeals of Falling Leaves and Wings “Black/White listing interruptible abilities for Maloriak will save you a ton of headaches.”

Addon: Gnosis for black/whitelisting spell casting and other stuff.

@JoeEgo812 “Watch your threat meter for ph2 Chimaeron > Will be the death order > Use HoProtection on caster dps as their turn arrives.”

@walkstweets “On phase 2 of Chimaeron, Shields (PW:S and IH) still provide healing benefit. BoPing your tank also will let you top him off.”

@Kaleri_ “life grip by Kaleri on atramedes is awesome?”

@e_man41 “A rogue makes the Atramedes air phase too easy.”


Kurn: to Megs (aka @whatsatotem) for Pocket Frogs!
Dayden: to the bar staff at the Barcelo Punta Cana
Majik: to Mabs for Rawr


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  1. Maloriak raises his left arm and fire appears in his hand before he casts the fire attack in the last phase. I guess that is why there wasn’t a cast bar originally.

  2. AliPally – Aha! Definitely a little subtle for us, given the number of times we’re looking at castbars throughout this content! 🙂

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