Episode 15 – Beating Down Bastion

Episode 15 of Blessing of Frost — how on earth did that happen? No guest this week, just Majik and Kurn chattering away about Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona & Theralion and the Ascendant Council.

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And we are proven wrong once again… Hours after recording the podcast, MMO-Champion updated the ZA/ZG loot list to include: Bracers of Hidden Purpose. The purpose of which, I imagine, is so that Kurn can upgrade from 316 blue bracers relatively easily…

Vidyala’s Gemming for Fire Mages post

Blizzard’s April Fool’s Patch Notes

Thanks to Selyndia who commented over on my blog about Al’Akir

Halfus Schedule: http://www.halfus.info/ and http://www.wowpedia.org/Halfus_Wyrmbreaker#Drake_combinations

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Tips and tricks from helpful people on Twitter (follow them!):

@Hulrok: In Council trash, be sure you can tell which circles are bad and which are good.

@walkstweets: You can sneak up the middle of the room to avoid trash between Halfus and the Drakes. 😉 / I suppose more seriously: the phase shifter trash can be LoSed and aoed down (the two packs before Halfus). / Hand of Protection is great for the stacks on Halfus, Hand of Freedom yourself after getting the grounded buff to axe the slow.

@SturgarHawkwind: Do the Portal masters last, they create much wackiness. Also, on the faceless, split em up and ice trap preemptively.

@bippy1990: be liberal with mana on the dragons as mana tide can be dropped more than once 🙂 xx / my guild like blood lust to be dropped on the first drake on halfus. From a resto shammy on EU – Saurfang 🙂 xx

@TikariOfET: V&T – rogues should be feinting throughout the fight, redirecting between dragons, and using cloak for blackout/meteorite. / You should send someone you’re willing to sacrifice down the long stairs to eat the elementals.

@JoeEgo812: Parachute cloak, slow fall, HoP, charge abilities, etc all prevent fall damage from Gravity Crush.


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