Episode 58 – Blizzard, Responsibility and Moving Forward

Hey folks! This week, we talk a LOT about Blizzard and their responsibility to their players and how the change to the talent and specialization systems may affect the game going forward. We also reveal the name of the #sadmoose and the winner of the contest, not to mention introduce a short new segment called “DING!”

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Programming note: We’ll return with a new episode on Tuesday, May 1st, after Kurn’s done with exams!


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Episode 57 – Guild Preparation for Pandaria

Welcome to Episode 57 of Blessing of Frost, ladies and gentlemen! This week’s episode has Kurn and Majik talking about all the prep work you’ll need to do to make sure your guild is ready for the new expansion, or all the prep work you’ll need to do if you’re going to start a new guild for the expansion!

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Also, The Craft of War: BLIND.

And now, all three videos from The Guild.

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No Episode This Week

Apologies, folks. Due to work schedules, school schedules and assignments that are due, there is no Blessing of Frost this week.

This means we’ll EXTEND VOTING for the name of the sad moose until 11:59pm ET on Saturday, April 7th.

Vote now!

We’ll have a new episode, number 57, up for your listening pleasure on Tuesday, April 10th.