Episode 12 – What’s Up With Updates?

Episode 12 is here and we talk about the recent announcement that Blizzard intends to release more frequent, smaller patches, rather than the grandiose patches of the Wrath of the Lich King era. Our special guest this week is Apotheosis‘ own Jaymzhendo, our resident feral DPS druid.

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Patch notes for ALL WoW Patches at Wowpedia

Patch 4.1 Features/Blue Posts at MMO-Champion

Team Waffle Podcast (Druid-centric podcast)

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4 Replies to “Episode 12 – What’s Up With Updates?”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for having me on guys. It was a blast! Also, there were so many people I wanted to send a shout out to but didn’t want to spend 30min doing so, for those not mentioned specifically I’m sorry, but…

    Joeykins for starting me on my path to druidness (see it’s not so hard afterall).
    Drunken Kara Fridays!!! Steve and Jen, without you guys introducing me to raids I don’t know where I’d be today.
    Dora <3 you always! Our flights back and forth across Northrend to "appear" like we were doing real stuff while just chatting will also go to my deathbed with me!
    Death Merchants, thanks for pushing me in the direction that ended up leading to where I am, I will FOREVER be in your debt.
    Angel <3 you too! Your constant friendship will always be a huge blessing. Thanks for listening to my MANY MANY rants, always with "THE LOGIC"
    Amaranth Knights, thanks for giving me my first shot at endgame raiding. Miss you guys!
    Utsukushii, thanks for being some of the best thoughtful raiders a guy could destroy ICC with. Miss you all!
    Nicc thanks for being my go to "other druid mind" to help me bounce ideas and such around, and for saying "um Jay, I think it's… rather than…" keeping me focused.
    Zelix, keeping me constantly on my toes, both theorycrafting and much much more.

    Lastly to the game of WoW itself for seeing me thru some of the rougher times in life over the last couple years!

    I definitely wouldn't be who I am both in game and out witout each and everyone of you. So in the podcast when I say "My WoW friends" that means ALL OF YOU!!! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Jay,

      It’s good to know that what we set out to do actually makes a difference. Thank you for all that you’ve done, the friendship that was forged, and all the other warm fuzzy stuff. Quigoni (now Presbyter) still talks about what happened in SW that one day so many moons ago, lol. Leaving Eldre’Thalas for Eitrigg was a hard decision to make but we felt like it was needed, for personal reasons. I’m thankful that RealID is there so that we can continue to talk. Miss playing with ya buddy.


  2. Jaymz, you once said to me along time ago the your goal in this game was to be a “LEGEND” of coarse that means the best of the best. In the many raids Ive been in your name is mention as always about being the best Feral kitty druid on the server you are loved by many and IMO you have reach your goal along time ago. And we did have some good times thru the fights across Northern to what we called our pet projects you helping other druid’s and me helping other hunter’s who were wearing spirit gear like the day you found me ROFL. Im so very proud to say that i was married to you and spent so many day’s and night having so many in-game memories. <3 love you always RoguĂ©one

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