About the Podcast

Blessing of Frost originated in Kurn’s head back in the autumn of 2010. She asked Majik if he would be up for doing a podcast with her. He said sure. Neither one really knew what they were doing when they agreed to be polite to one another for over an hour a week…

Essentially, every Tuesday, you can listen to Majik and Kurn chat for an hour or so every week about the game, usually with a guest, but occasionally without. The segments are:

– Loremaster: Where Kurn and Majik (and guest) talk about their weeks
– Hot Fix: Where we discuss patches, hot fixes and the like
– /Raid: Discussion about the previous week’s raids in Apotheosis
– Guild Tab: Discussion with the guest, including five questions for them
– General Chat: Topic of the week discussion
– Shout Outs: Everyone gives props/shout-outs to whoever they like
– Tip of the Week: A useful tip of the week, usually tying in to the General Chat topic

The name stems from the fact that Kurn raids as a paladin and Majik raids as a mage. Paladins, of course, buff people with Blessings and Majik would still be raiding as a frost mage if it were remotely viable. Thus, Blessing of Frost was born.

Rejected names include:

– Apoth’s Place
– Greater Blessing of the Wild (shout-out to the old FHers!)
– Apotheosis Now
– Divine Fire
– Holy Dragon’s Breath
– Blast of Divinity
– and a host of things too long, rambly or dumb to make the cut

Majik and Kurn figured that, hey, they talk about the game way too much as it is. Others may as well get the benefit from listening to them.

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