Episode 21 – Summer Slowdown

Summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere and that means the dreaded summer slowdown is a possible stumbling block for raiding guilds (PVP guilds, RP guilds) throughout WoW. Any kind of guild where group participation is required in some fashion could be affected. What can combat this? How does guild management deal with this?

Our special guest this week is Serrinne (aka Sara), a raiding holy priest of ours in Apotheosis.

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Fortune Card that Kurn flipped: You are very fortunate!

Latest hot fixes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2690293

Stoneybaby of US Sen’jin’s Big Crits Blessing of Frost appearance: https://www.blessingoffrost.com/episode-11-progression-pointers

Kurn’s Healer Evaluation blog post: http://kurn.apotheosis-now.com/?p=1639

Lovely people YOU should follow because they were awesome enough to tweet me back about how they’re going to deal with summer slowdown stuff:

@JinxedThoughts: My bfs guild did a schedule to track everyones absence to make sure they had every raid event covered with enough people. From first of june to last of august

@Vosskah: we have a similar thread for planned absences. I also send raid invites a month ahead now to help with planning.

@mageic: nothing, as we are coming into Winter here 😀

@matticus: with even more massive recruiting!

@JoeEgo812: Fight the apathy with recruitment & gkicks.

@Shetawy: Continue the show. it must go on after all!

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Finally, Sara wants all healers to go to PlusHeal.com (run by Matticus of World of Matticus) and engage in some awesome healer talk.

Episode 20 – Switching is Srsbusiness!

Our 20th episode of Blessing of Frost is out and our special guest this week is Srsbusiness, a shadow priest raider in Apotheosis. Our subject this week is about people switching mains — why they do it, as well as the problems it can cause or even resolve, particularly in a raiding guild.

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We cut the Hot Fix segment out this week because we rambled a bit and didn’t want to go as long as we did, but do check out the official Blizzard hotfixes:


Switch videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvd5hpX2dy8 – Mage
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mD1n4v2JA – Paladin

Kurn asked Twitter:

Have you ever changed raiding mains? Tweet me the WHY, now!

Here are some lovely people you should follow because they were awesome to respond to us!


@restokin: I changed mains to a resto shaman for part of tBC because my druid’s idol wouldn’t drop in shadow labs. and also, resto shaman were way overpowered in tBC, lol. I went back to my druid when WotLK hit…
@_darista_: Mage to Resto Shaman (duh) – bored with Mage, liked to heal, didn’t want to fight anymore over cloth gear hehe 😉
@Orithea: switched from a warlock to a paladin because I discovered I loved tanking and healing
@Bindww: I changed from Resto Druid to Prot/DPS warrior for no particular reason, but maintained raider status anyway!
@Szayel_: I went from a Resto Shaman in TBC/WotLK to Holy Paladin mainly for a change of pace.
@Arydel_AD: Several times. And always because the guild needed it. Mage to Pally and then Pally to Priest in ICC.
@SaltySlainte: Switched from Shadow Priest to Holy Paladin. BC into WotLK. My DPS sucked, that’s why.
@TheWompage: switched from a DK to a holy pally because we needed healers. Levelled from 1 to 80 just to help out
Dayden: Went from tanking in Wrath to Enhancement Shaman. Enjoyed the complexity and chaos over 969.
@LynestaWoW: I changed raiding mains during EverQuest2 because my class got nerfed into the ground and our raid needed more healers.

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Episode 19 – Money Matters

Welcome one and all to Episode 19 of Blessing of Frost! This week’s guest is Ludde, one of the tanks in Apotheosis, and this week’s topic is guild funds! How to get money in your guild bank and how you might want to go about spending it.

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The quest Kurn finally read to learn about the overall “I see dead people” in Strat Live: The Dreadlord Balnazzar

Sadly, I do NOT have a screenshot of Ludde in guild chat to include here, although I swear I thought I took one. Apologies!

Hot Fixes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2690293

Welcome to Jasyla of Cannot be Tamed!

Also, we were wrong. Guild banks were introduced in 2.3, the same patch that brought us Zul’Aman back in Burning Crusade.

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Episode 19 Next Week

Due to the Canadian federal elections today, May 2nd, Blessing of Frost will not be recorded this week. Tune in next week for a brand-new episode of shenanigans, hosted by Majik and Kurn!

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Have a great week and Canadians — get yourselves out to the polls! All the info you need is here at Elections Canada. 🙂