Episode 74 – Penultimate Podcast

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Episode 74 is our penultimate episode. We’ll be ending Blessing of Frost with Episode 75, due out in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, this is your last opportunity to drop us a line at podcast (at) blessingoffrost.com or rate us up on iTunes for a shoutout!

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Majik showed me this video that takes the concept of “turducken” to the extreme. Warning, I nearly puked.


Lisa Whelchel played Blair Warner on the 80s sitcom The Facts of Life and is on Season 25 of Survivor.

Here’s a great list of all the chat commands you can use in WoW chat channels (the advanced chat channel usage section is really nifty):


Don’t forget, this is your last chance to rate us up on iTunes and get a shoutout on the podcast in return. And please do send us your questions or comments to podcast [at] blessingoffrost [dot] com!

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