Episode 48 – Nerfs and Power Outages

Ladies and gentlemen, Episode 48 comes to you today with a few changes to its normal quality. Partway through the Loremaster segment, Majik lost power at his place and so, after much scrambling, we finally managed to get him, myself and our guest, Gina (of healbot.net) on to Skype. The audio quality isn’t great at first, but does improve, though it’s still not at our normal levels of clarity, for which I apologize, and I encourage you all to blame Majik. (#powerisacrutch)

That said, we did get through the whole episode, which came in at almost two hours in duration! Our General Chat topic was… the Dragon Soul nerfs that are forthcoming next week.

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The official Dragon Soul nerfs announcement.

To answer DangFool‘s questions in our MOLL-E segment, check out our raw boss kill videos over on YouTube, such as Heroic Alysrazor and Heroic Beth’tilac to get an idea of how we tend to chat in Apotheosis.

Kurn’s post on the nerfs.

Gina’s post on the nerfs.

WoW Insider’s Matthew Rossi on the nerfs (includes some numbers).

Many other linked posts, from MMO Melting Pot, including Fannon‘s.

An interesting graph of WoW’s subscriptions (all based on officially released numbers and reliable sources). It’s interesting because Burning Crusade came out in January of 2007, Wrath of the Lich King came out in November of 2008 and Cataclysm came out in December of 2010. World of Warcraft got up to 10 million concurrent subscribers before Wrath ever came out. It’s been since Wrath came out that subscriptions initially peaked at 12 million and then dropped off, before a slight uptime in Cataclysm, followed by a decrease.

Keep up to date with Gina at her blog, healbot.net (no, she is not the author of that addon!) and on Twitter, @healbot!

Speaking of Twitter, I asked folks about the nerfs and if they’d use them or not and a few people had things to say. Be sure to follow them!

@Stelshadow: Sovereignty US-Turalyon. 10 man normal. We are making progress on Spine and will probably go with the buff turned off.

@piercingshots: Casual (2 nights/week) 10s guild, we’ll definitely keep the debuff on. I am hoping for a guild-1st heroic boss kill this week tho.

@fannon451: Our raid will use it as there is no point in turning them off. I reserve the right to complain bitterly, tho. http://t.co/9LMXapim

WTSHeals: Mixed bag. Some of our raid wants it off. People like me don’t really care since it’s just for personal gain and not achieves. If there was an achieve for NOT using the buff, it might motivate us to not use it, otherwise we’re likely just gimping ourselves.

@BloodyGneisha: I see no problem with turning it off and seeing how far we can go. Our issue isn’t ability, it’s timing – everyone’s schedule sucks and it’s difficult to get everyone together.

@_Rades: We’re working on Madness, so if we don’t get him in our 2 nights before the nerfs hit, maybe we’ll be glad for them. Maybe not? :\ I imagine we’ll do without until we get him, unless we’re making no headway and it’s really stressing us out.

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