Episode 75 – Forever and Always

Well, what started out as a crazy idea in late 2010 spawned 75 episodes, and now Blessing of Frost’s last episode is finally here. Doubling as our second anniversary episode, we take a look back at some hilarious moments in Blessing of Frost history.

Thank you to all our listeners, guests, contributors, those who rated us up on iTunes and those who sent in MOLL-E questions. We never would have made it past ten episodes without you.

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Notable episodes we reference:

Episode 42: Awesome Anniversary. This is where the legend of BeruLust began. Beru, Vidyala and Stoneybaby joined us for this one.

Episode 48: Nerfs and Power Outages. Great episode where Majik loses power mid-podcast. And also says that he’s an idiot. Gina from healbot.net is our guest.

Episode 49: A Raid Retrospective. Just a short clip from this episode where Jasyla joined us to chat about past raids.

Episode 59: Babbling about Bonuses. Some amazing clips from this episode, including the entire intro, pretty much.

Episode 60: Pricey Purchases. Ice cream and complaining about my brother and Majik. An excellent few clips.

Episode 61: How-To Heroic Dragon Soul. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the tale of the weeeeeeeeezard. (Some weeeeezard clips in the episode were not included in Episode 75, so be sure to check this one out again.)

Episode 63: Diablo the WoW Killer? This is probably one of the best episodes we’ve produced in the last year. Hilarious.

And here, now, are The NPA Files. They are a series of six videos we made back in, oh, 2007. Careful, the first one has Majik being pretty yelly.


Finally, please do check out Choice at choiceguild.com and Apotheosis at apotheosis-now.com.

Thanks to you all for listening. #stayfrosty!

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