Episode 19 – Money Matters

Welcome one and all to Episode 19 of Blessing of Frost! This week’s guest is Ludde, one of the tanks in Apotheosis, and this week’s topic is guild funds! How to get money in your guild bank and how you might want to go about spending it.

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The quest Kurn finally read to learn about the overall “I see dead people” in Strat Live: The Dreadlord Balnazzar

Sadly, I do NOT have a screenshot of Ludde in guild chat to include here, although I swear I thought I took one. Apologies!

Hot Fixes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2690293

Welcome to Jasyla of Cannot be Tamed!

Also, we were wrong. Guild banks were introduced in 2.3, the same patch that brought us Zul’Aman back in Burning Crusade.

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2 Replies to “Episode 19 – Money Matters”

  1. Sadly, the WoG CD seemed to be more of a PVE nerf since Blizzard didn’t want protection Paladins to feel like they had to use holy power for self-healing. In regards to self-healing in PVP, I see Rogues, Blood DKs and Warriors, in arena, that can heal better than my Ret/Prot specs could…both before and after the patch.

    Not complaining, but I like it when hybrid classes can utilize skills that make them unique pretty often (5 Maelstrom Weapon proc heal from an Enhancement Shaman, 3 stack Holy Power WoG heal from a Paladin, etc.).

    Thanks for another great episode!!!

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