Episode 21 – Summer Slowdown

Summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere and that means the dreaded summer slowdown is a possible stumbling block for raiding guilds (PVP guilds, RP guilds) throughout WoW. Any kind of guild where group participation is required in some fashion could be affected. What can combat this? How does guild management deal with this?

Our special guest this week is Serrinne (aka Sara), a raiding holy priest of ours in Apotheosis.

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Fortune Card that Kurn flipped: You are very fortunate!

Latest hot fixes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2690293

Stoneybaby of US Sen’jin’s Big Crits Blessing of Frost appearance: https://www.blessingoffrost.com/episode-11-progression-pointers

Kurn’s Healer Evaluation blog post: http://kurn.apotheosis-now.com/?p=1639

Lovely people YOU should follow because they were awesome enough to tweet me back about how they’re going to deal with summer slowdown stuff:

@JinxedThoughts: My bfs guild did a schedule to track everyones absence to make sure they had every raid event covered with enough people. From first of june to last of august

@Vosskah: we have a similar thread for planned absences. I also send raid invites a month ahead now to help with planning.

@mageic: nothing, as we are coming into Winter here 😀

@matticus: with even more massive recruiting!

@JoeEgo812: Fight the apathy with recruitment & gkicks.

@Shetawy: Continue the show. it must go on after all!

And speaking of following people on twitter, check out Apotheosis (@ApotheosisET) and follow Kurn (@kurnmogh). Don’t forget to rate us up on iTunes!

Finally, Sara wants all healers to go to PlusHeal.com (run by Matticus of World of Matticus) and engage in some awesome healer talk.

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  1. Twitter isn’t good for details, but we run a “Post if AFK” system. So, if somebody goes AFK for an extended period of time they are unlikely to have posted about about it. If they have, great! If they haven’t then /gkick is the common consequence for repeated absences in a normal raid week let alone a summer slowdown.

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