Episode 20 – Switching is Srsbusiness!

Our 20th episode of Blessing of Frost is out and our special guest this week is Srsbusiness, a shadow priest raider in Apotheosis. Our subject this week is about people switching mains — why they do it, as well as the problems it can cause or even resolve, particularly in a raiding guild.

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We cut the Hot Fix segment out this week because we rambled a bit and didn’t want to go as long as we did, but do check out the official Blizzard hotfixes:


Switch videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvd5hpX2dy8 – Mage
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mD1n4v2JA – Paladin

Kurn asked Twitter:

Have you ever changed raiding mains? Tweet me the WHY, now!

Here are some lovely people you should follow because they were awesome to respond to us!


@restokin: I changed mains to a resto shaman for part of tBC because my druid’s idol wouldn’t drop in shadow labs. and also, resto shaman were way overpowered in tBC, lol. I went back to my druid when WotLK hit…
@_darista_: Mage to Resto Shaman (duh) – bored with Mage, liked to heal, didn’t want to fight anymore over cloth gear hehe 😉
@Orithea: switched from a warlock to a paladin because I discovered I loved tanking and healing
@Bindww: I changed from Resto Druid to Prot/DPS warrior for no particular reason, but maintained raider status anyway!
@Szayel_: I went from a Resto Shaman in TBC/WotLK to Holy Paladin mainly for a change of pace.
@Arydel_AD: Several times. And always because the guild needed it. Mage to Pally and then Pally to Priest in ICC.
@SaltySlainte: Switched from Shadow Priest to Holy Paladin. BC into WotLK. My DPS sucked, that’s why.
@TheWompage: switched from a DK to a holy pally because we needed healers. Levelled from 1 to 80 just to help out
Dayden: Went from tanking in Wrath to Enhancement Shaman. Enjoyed the complexity and chaos over 969.
@LynestaWoW: I changed raiding mains during EverQuest2 because my class got nerfed into the ground and our raid needed more healers.

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