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Episode 73 Delayed

Posted: 2nd November 2012 by Kurn in programming notes

As you may or may not be aware, a hurricane swept along the Eastern United States, which is where Majik lives. As such, he has been without power since Monday and so Episode 73 will be delayed until such time as he has power restored and our schedules allow for it. This could be as […]

Episode 72 Delayed

Posted: 15th October 2012 by Kurn in programming notes

Just a note to let you guys know that Episode 72 was supposed to be recorded tonight (Monday, October 15th) but will instead be recorded on the evening of Thursday, October 18th, due in part to Kurn’s bronchitis. The amount of coughing she would have to edit out of the show would have taken WAY […]

No Episode This Week

Posted: 3rd April 2012 by Kurn in programming notes

Apologies, folks. Due to work schedules, school schedules and assignments that are due, there is no Blessing of Frost this week. This means we’ll EXTEND VOTING for the name of the sad moose until 11:59pm ET on Saturday, April 7th. Vote now! We’ll have a new episode, number 57, up for your listening pleasure on […]

No Show!

Posted: 13th March 2012 by Kurn in call for submissions, programming notes

Hey folks! Due to scheduling conflicts, Majik and I weren’t able to sit down together and record a new episode of Blessing of Frost this last week. But we shall return next week! Next week’s topic: The Cataclysm Bucket List. We want to hear from you! Tweets, emails and audio submissions (to podcast [at]!) […]

Episode 50 Delayed

Posted: 5th February 2012 by Kurn in programming notes

Due to things like work schedules and this silly little thing called “the Super Bowl”, Episode 50 of Blessing of Frost will be recorded on Wednesday, February 8th and released likely on Thursday, February 9th. Thanks for your patience, guys!

Regarding Episodes 47 and 48…

Posted: 16th January 2012 by Kurn in programming notes

So, we recorded Episode 47 on Monday, January 9th. I haven’t had time to edit it, yet — last week was insane. This Monday, due to a variety of things, we were unable to make our schedules work together to record Episode 48. As such, look for Episode 47 coming out tomorrow (Tuesday, January 17th) […]

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back for a new episode before we take another couple of weeks off! The next episode of Blessing of Frost (number 46) will be released on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012. Until then, here’s an episode detailing the first four bosses in Dragon Soul (normal mode!) and also introducing you to one […]

Episode 44 goes live with our initial impressions of the Hour of Twilight, Patch 4.3!

Programming note: There will be NO episode of Blessing of Frost next week, but we’ll return on Tuesday, December 20th! Kurn was on the Twisted Nether Blogcast this week! Check it out: Hotfixes: Keep up on the hotfixes […]

Another (short!) delay…

Posted: 7th November 2011 by Kurn in programming notes

So we didn’t record last week because Majik had no power. He was fine, though, no need for concern. 🙂 This week, we’re not recording tonight because Majik has no voice. He caught a cold and was actually unable to talk on Mumble during our raid last night. He actually took to threatening me in […]

Episode 40 Delayed!

Posted: 30th October 2011 by Kurn in programming notes

Due to the snowstorm in the US Northeast, Episode 40 of Blessing of Frost will be delayed because Majik has no power. We may try to get an episode out this week, just later on, or Episode 40 might only happen next week. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, VOTE FOR KURN as Loudest […]