Potential delay

There may be a delay in the production and release of Episode 31 of Blessing of Frost, originally scheduled for this Tuesday. However, Majik lives in New Jersey and, therefore, is in the path of Hurricane Irene. As such, he may not have power at various points throughout the weekend and perhaps even into Monday.

Having said that, I live in Montreal, and the remnants of Irene are scheduled to come through HERE on Monday. I don’t anticipate many issues, but that could add to a delay in producing and releasing the next episode.

So that’s the news. Stay tuned for Episode 31 of Blessing of Frost coming… at some point this week!

Episode 27 – Tikari Talks!

It’s time, yet again, for another episode of Blessing of Frost! Our guest this time around is the newly-promoted-to-officer Tikari, a rogue who joined us in Apotheosis just before Cataclysm launched. Our General Chat topic consists of a discussion of the various hooks Blizzard uses to get us to keep playing, followed by why we’re still playing so many years on.

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As noted in the post for last week’s podcast, Blizzard went out and immediately added Valor Points back into T11 content, shortly after we recorded the podcast. Hooray for being out of date?

More hotfixes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3019413

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Please note that due to Majik heading to Maine with his girlfriend and her family, there will be no podcast for August 2nd. We’ll return on August 9th, 2011! In the meantime, feel free to keep up to date with all the latest Apotheosis-related happenings at the Apotheosis website or Kurn’s blog.

Have a great couple of weeks and do try to stay frosty if you’re in the northern hemisphere. 😉

Episode 19 Next Week

Due to the Canadian federal elections today, May 2nd, Blessing of Frost will not be recorded this week. Tune in next week for a brand-new episode of shenanigans, hosted by Majik and Kurn!

In the meantime, why not catch up with previous episodes of Blessing of Frost?

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Have a great week and Canadians — get yourselves out to the polls! All the info you need is here at Elections Canada. 🙂

Slight delay on Ep 13

Due to some unavoidable technical difficulties (ie: a fire in the neighbourhood caused the local power company to shut down the power grid around Kurn’s apartment building), Blessing of Frost’s 13th episode was interrupted mid-recording. We’ve rescheduled to continue the last chunk of the podcast, the General Chat segment, on Wednesday evening for a Thursday morning release.

Apologies for the delay, but when you have no power, it’s kind of hard to record a podcast! Check back on Thursday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!) for a not-remotely-Irish-themed Blessing of Frost!


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