Another (short!) delay…

So we didn’t record last week because Majik had no power. He was fine, though, no need for concern. 🙂

This week, we’re not recording tonight because Majik has no voice. He caught a cold and was actually unable to talk on Mumble during our raid last night. He actually took to threatening me in raid chat because I was mocking him and he couldn’t use his voice.

That said, his voice was slowly coming back when I spoke with him on Monday. We aim to record on Tuesday afternoon and have a new episode ready for you all sometime on Wednesday (early morning or sometime in the evening).

We apologize for the lengthy delay in episodes. We miss the podcast, too! And Majik has A LOT of things he wants to talk about, so I imagine it’s particularly frustrating for him. Which only makes me chuckle.

If you’re missing your weekly doses of me and Majik, check us out on Twitter:


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Kurn’s Corner

And now so does Majik!

Majik’s Missives

We’ll keep you posted about the next episode of Blessing of Frost, coming soon to a website near you!