Episode 58 – Blizzard, Responsibility and Moving Forward

Hey folks! This week, we talk a LOT about Blizzard and their responsibility to their players and how the change to the talent and specialization systems may affect the game going forward. We also reveal the name of the #sadmoose and the winner of the contest, not to mention introduce a short new segment called “DING!”

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Programming note: We’ll return with a new episode on Tuesday, May 1st, after Kurn’s done with exams!


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One Reply to “Episode 58 – Blizzard, Responsibility and Moving Forward”

  1. Re: Bad Dungeon Finder members

    A friend of mine used to turn off all his chat channels and allow his 7-year-old daughter to play his raid-geared mage in dungeon finder groups. Perhaps Majik ran into something of that sort.

    I can assure you, however, that it was not my friend. He gave up his nefarious ways when I taught his daughter the use of the auction house for buying random items while awaiting the ‘finder queue to pop. Come to think of it, that might also explain Kurn’s success with selling mysterious fortune cards.

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