Episode 59 – Babbling about Bonuses

In this episode, Kurn and Majik chat about the notion of “set bonuses” and talk about some of the peculiarities of the whole idea of collecting enough of your set pieces to hit your 2/4 piece bonuses. We also look back at some really old set bonuses and mock them. 😉

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We also mention the new Blizzard system for Item Restoration, plus we talk about Children’s Week and the fact that the Power of the Aspects buff has been increased from 15% to 20% in Dragon Soul (normal and heroic).

We also want to see YOU apply to our guild, Apotheosis! We’re a 25-man Alliance raiding guild that’s at 6/8 HM with great progress on the third plate on Heroic Spine. We’re seeking skilled DPS of most kinds, a resto shaman, a warlock in particular and a skilled and experienced feral tank who would go kitty for us regularly. Apply today!


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