Episode 53 – Previewing Mists of Pandaria

Episode 53 is here and with it we look at talent options for Death Knights, Druids, Hunters, Mages and Paladins, with the other five classes coming next week. Note: we could be wrong about how cool any of this stuff is. We’re often wrong. Majik has been consistently wrong for nine years, for example.

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I tweeted asking people to let me know what they were most looking forward to. Thanks to all for replying, please follow them!

@_Rades: GHOUL VOMIT (Vile Spew)
@buglamp: bearhugbearhugbearhugbearhugbearhugbearhugbearhugbearhugbearhugbearhug
@walkstweets: Boundless Conviction: Holy Power gets to get different than Combo Points! Hurray! Healing-wise, cooldowns are exciting between Void Shift (Priest), Vow (Priest) Ascendancy (Shaman), Healing Tide (Shaman)
@TiaOfET: excited for the surprises as I have no idea what to expect other then what @DuridJaymz gave away!!
@JoeEgo812: Anxious for losing Auras. Holy Avenger means I can use the Angry Man for AoE healing too.

Addons suggested by @oathblade/Nightwill:

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Remember, Apotheosis of Eldre’Thalas is recruiting! Warlocks in particular, but we’d also look at a resto shaman, an enhancement shaman and other ranged DPS classes. We’re 4/8 HM in Dragon Soul and would love to see some apps!

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