Episode 52 – Reviewing Rated Battlegrounds

Our topic for this 52nd episode is rated battlegrounds! What are they all about? How many people can play at once? What are some good strategies and tips for your RBG group? Our guest this week is Merkavah, a raider in Apotheosis who has taken charge of the Apotheosis RBG team.

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Some helpful addons:

BattlegroundTargets – a basic enemy raid frame to show you names, roles and specs of the enemy’s team.
Healers Have to Die – an addon that points out enemy healers and also shows when your healers are in trouble.
DeadlyBossMods – an addon with many PVE functions, this will also show you timers for flag captures and the like in BGs and RBGs.

Remember, Apotheosis of Eldre’Thalas is recruiting! Warlocks in particular, but we’d also look at a resto shaman, an enhancement shaman and other ranged DPS classes. We’re 3/8 HM in Dragon Soul and would love to see some apps!

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