Episode 49 – A Raid Retrospective

Over the last seven years, there have been quite a few raids released and boy, the format of and entry into those raids has changed substantially. From crazy attunement chains to ones that were much simpler, from 40-man format, to 10-man format, to 25-man format, raids have changed a lot. We examine them in this episode!

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My Spoon is Too Big/I am a Banana video.

Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain.

On January 21, 2012, four-plus years AFTER the patch that removed the old quest, our buddy (and melee officer) Daey got the Hand of A’dal title on his paladin alt.

The comments here are quite interesting.

An amusing tale of Kurn, Majik and Fog zerging Sarth 3D 10-man.

A similarly amusing tale of Kurn, Majik and Fog playing with Halion.

We asked Twitter what their favourite raid instance was. Thanks to everyone who responded and please do follow them!

@Technophobia: Karazhan.  It’s just the most thematic raid zone, imo.  With Ulduar a very close second.

@Jezi_Belle: Probably ICC, though mostly for non-design reasons. It was the first raid where I really felt like I was saving the world.

@SturgarHawkwind: @Technophobia @kurnmogh You’re going to hear this one [Ulduar] a lot. I second this notion.

@zomgAro: Black Temple.  Tons of unique, interesting mechanics and environments and epic quest chains.  Ulduar is a close second, for story.

@matticus: Sunwell.

@Restoisepic: karazhan, it’s the only thing that makes me wish I had played BC. I love that instance, the different bosses, rambling old house

@azerothapple: Ulduar! basically, it’s a mixture of lorelove for all of storm peaks, the utter beauty of it, and nostalgia for the run I did w/ apoth. 🙂

@WJRez: Kara. It was my first raid, which I did with my first guild, when we were in our prime. It always brings back nice memories.

@DSatt57: BWL for me, so many memories. Made great friends. Great fights at the time.

@Serrath_: Serpentshrine Cavern.  It was amazing from the elevator all the way to Vashj.

@GottaHaveFaythe: Kara. No debate. I wish they would give us another haunted mansion raid!

@MathiasSchnell: Ulduar by far.  It just seemed to have the best mix of difficulty, atmosphere, lore, and mechanics in it.

@35yards: Karazhan, hands down

@Jasyla_: Black Temple. Atmosphere and amazing boss fights.

@Sylaurian: To be honest Kurn, Molten Core, because it got me started on raiding and it was the one I had the most fun in.

@Kadomi: Ulduar. I loved the atmosphere and the lore, and Yogg-Saron was one of my absolute highlights. Beautiful raid.

@kenakabones: of all the raids.. its extremely close for me between Karazhan and Ulduar.  Mainly because of the variety of the fights and for ulduar; the exponential growth of hard modes and the methods to unlock them.  /wanders off looking at the shiny red button

@hestiahdruid: Kara and Ulduar, though I never saw either when it was current content, they were still fun as hell.

@HoneyTrap2:  sunwell, and also BT

@MMOSprinks: Definitely SSC as my favorite raid instance. The bosses were both challenging and felt like fresh mechanics after MC, BWL & AQ40.

@sarlalian: Ulduar, and anyone who says differently is wrong.

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