Episode 34 – Brewfest Babbling

Episode 34 is here and while it contains no bleeping, unlike last week, it does contain a bunch of information about Brewfest, which starts today!

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Here’s a link to Kurn’s angry blog post about the nerfs. And here’s a link to Kurn’s much more positive and helpful Holy How-To Guide!

Here’s a WoW Insider post that links a couple of other posts talking about the nerfs, which includes a link to Beru’s post. You may remember that Beru was our guest onĀ  Episode 23 of Blessing of Frost, Legislation for a Legendary.

MMO Melting Pot had a few different round-ups of nerf-related posts. Of note is the link to Jasyla’s blog post about it. Jasyla, of course, raids with us in Apotheosis and she was a guest on Episode 28 of Blessing of Frost, Feeling Out Firelands.

And here are some handy-dandy Brewfest resources:

Wowhead’s guide to Brewfest – don’t forget that the comments on the individual achievements are almost always really helpful!

Wowpedia’s Brewfest entry – this is the one with the Alliance version of the Ram Racing image. Really great and detailed entry!

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