Episode 32 – Kaleri’s Crohn’s and Sara’s Sclerosis

Episode 32 is here and brings with it some, er, “engaging” news in Majik’s life. We also have our first-ever show with two guests, Kaleri and Sara (who was previously on Episode 21 of Blessing of Frost) and we discuss chronic diseases (in particular, Crohn’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis) in the context of World of Warcraft and how players with these conditions are affected by WoW or how their WoW playing is affected by their conditions.

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The Dev Watercooler post
with the signoff: “Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street is the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft and he probably listens to your podcast.” This spawned the new segment we call “Dear Ghostcrawler…”

Apotheosis of Eldre’Thalas is seeking a tank! Prefer a warrior or a paladin, perhaps an exceptional DK or druid, but honestly, the Vanquisher token people might kill us for adding another person to their token. Apply now!

Kaleri’s blog post that started this whole thing:

But You Don’t Look Sick!

Kal’s Twitter: @Kaleri_

Sara’s Twitter: @SerrinneWoW – she especially would love to hear from you if you’re a WoW player who’s also been diagnosed with MS!

Information links for Multiple Sclerosis, including where you can make a charitable donation:

National Multiple Sclerosis Society – US link
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada – Canada link

Information links for Crohn’s Disease, including where you can make a charitable donation:

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America – US link
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada – Canada link

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