Episode 29 – Feeling out Firelands – Part 2!

Picking up where we left off last week, Majik and I talk about Baleroc, Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros in the Firelands. Episode 29 already? How did THAT happen?

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Hotfixes from August 10th

As promised, we said in the podcast that we’d update you guys on how Sunday’s raid went. Majik totally jinxed us. We spent 3 hours wiping primarily in P2 of Ragnaros. We 5-healed it the whole time, which was a great challenge and we were up to it. It was just positioning and mechanics that we need to work out.

A visual for “Code Kermit”:




Daily Blink, This Idea’s Got Legs!

Heroic Ragnaros videos (via MMO-Champion):
Paragaon – World 1st
Method – World 2nd
vodka – US 1st (YT link)


Majik wanted to shout-out to the Daily Blink, so…. here’s a link!


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2 Replies to “Episode 29 – Feeling out Firelands – Part 2!”

  1. Great podcast, really enjoyable to listen to this week!

    For Kurn: have you and/or your raiders tried the addon “BalerocHealers”? It lets you see all of the healers, what their spark stacks are AND who’s got vital flame active and how long till it expires. 🙂

    The holy priest in my guild tripped over it, and showed me, and we tried it last week. It proved very handy for us. 🙂

    1. Alfimi – Glad you enjoyed it! It felt like we rambled a weeee bit. 😉

      I’ve heard of BalerocHealers but haven’t installed it yet. I feel as though if I started watching THAT, I’d just lose my own place in the rotation. But I might pick it up at any rate. 🙂

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