Episode 28 – Feeling Out Firelands

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 28 of Blessing of Frost!

Today’s special topic: Feeling Out Firelands! Okay, not quite. It’s more of a run-through of Shannox, Beth’tilac, Lord Rhyolith and Alysrazor. Baleroc, Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros are coming next week! (We VASTLY underestimated our ability to talk, so ignore us when we say we’re covering Baleroc in this episode. We’re not! And yet, we’re still over 90 minutes on this sucker.)

Our guest this week is Jasyla, a resto druid raider in Apotheosis, who was also recently on the Twisted Nether blogcast.

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Of course, immediately after recording this episode of Blessing of Frost, Blizzard decided to release a minor patch. You can find the official notes for 4.2.0A here. As well, here are some hotfixes from August 4th.

Here’s Kurn’s blog post about Ragnaros that Majik was talking about:

Ragnaros, Version 2.0

And here’s a link to the comment on Kurn’s blog that Jasyla made about female night elves!


Here’s a link to Kurn’s video for Alysrazor tornadoes:

Kurn’s Guide to Alysrazor Tornadoes

And here’s Jasyla’s post about her trouble with the aforementioned tornadoes:


Jasyla’s blog can be found at:


And you can find her on Twitter at:


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