Episode 18 – There is Only Zul

Episode 18 is here to help you figure out what to do now that Patch 4.1 has hit the servers! Of course, we strongly encourage you to read the actual patch notes!

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Official Patch Notes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2657803

Official Patch Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMaGgT8fGnU

MMO-Champion’s 4.1 Info: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/2265-Patch-4.1-on-Live-Servers-this-Week

Kurn’s Shoutout: Canadians should go to Elections.ca if you have any questions about voting next Monday, May 2nd!

Prior to the show, Kurn asked Twitter what they were most looking forward to with the patch. Here are the responses she got. Follow them!

@Jezriyah: The ability to farm an epic ranged weapon 😛 / TROOOOOOOOLL LOOOOOOOOOORE

@SerrinneWoW: Holy Word: Sanctuary buff!

@hestiahdruid: Smart heal for Efflorescence. And Efflorescence no longer being attached to Living Seed. / Being able to do all 7 heroic runs in a single day.

@whatsatotem: Revamped Fire Nova! (No, wait, now I actually have to use it. Bugger.)

@TikariOfET: Non-hit-dependent interrupts and rogue speed buff 🙂 / Doesn’t like old raid gold nerfs.

Dayden: Call to Arms! A reason to put up with PUGs when I do my daily heroic. / not-hit based interrupts!

@xmolder: Warlocks being even better than they already are.

@Shathus: interrupts no longer missing!1!!11!

@Technophobia: Tie between archaeology changes and the continuation of ZG/ZA / Oh also I WILL SAVE MY LITTLE RAPTOR BUDDY, DAMMIT. / SAVING MY LITTLE RAPTOR BUDDY. (I may have had some alcohol.)

@Hulrok: Heirloom transfers. oh! And hunter AOE is suppose to hit harder now.

@Kaleri_: Strength of Soul removing other weakened soul debuffs! It’s gonna be a debuff removing-fest! / Oh, and sinnce the majority of my characters are healers and one tank, I’m kind of excited about the Call to Arms thinger!

@EntropiaWoW: the changes to the Resto Shaman Mastery is zomgawesome. ;D

@ammonightfall: all the QQ threads!!! Lol / cheap crystals n new dungeons to heal

@matticus: Can’t wait to go trollllll hunting!

@roseofmontague: Rogue movement speed while stealthed buff and the implementation of different graphics for enemy area effects (Ring of Frost, etc.)

@MoodyDK: Raise Ally!

@Bindww: My bags overflowing with glorious maelstrom crystals. Landslide and improved enchants for all my gear!

@JRWStormy: I was a WOTLK baby, so I’m looking forward to NEW CONTENT I’ve never seen! De trolls, mon, de trolls! Also, MIND SEAR BUFF YAY.

@RoaringRogue: Interrupts that don’t miss are high up on the list.

@LunarthePriest: I’m excited for the new AoE healing graphics for druids and priests! Especially the priest, its all sparkly with fairy dust! lol

@JoshuaLive: New efflorescence look. And that’s about it xD

@Velidra: tanking heirlooms oddly enough

@Kenichan: Any indication of Ragnaros related to C’thun lore

@_darista_: New totem toys!

Merk: Frost DK buffs, tanking bribes.

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5 Replies to “Episode 18 – There is Only Zul”

  1. RE: Shaman AoE

    All Shaman have access to Magma totem, Ele Shaman had Earthquake. The reason that there was the damage reduction to Earthquake is because Fire Nova was redesigned so that the explosion from it originates from any target that has Flame Shock on it. So basically, a Shaman would have Flame Shock already on a target or two then use Earthquake then use Fire Nova as Earthquake is going.

  2. OMG how did no one say “Return of the BEAR overlords to tanking” as the think they most look forward to? (altho admittedly I expect nerfs to soon follow – after all didn’t they say bear dps was too high and now they’re increasing it again… hmmm)

  3. Rogue recuperate wasn’t merged; if you aren’t specced into improved recuperate, then it is buffed. If you are specced 2/2, then the net effect is the same (no buff or nerf).

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