Episode 17 – Talking to Tiandrina (the Insane)

Episode 17 arrives with Tiandrina as our guest this week! We gripe about weird heroic lockouts and talk a lot about reputation with the Queen of Rep of Apotheosis!

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Remote Guild Chat Announcement

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Choice of Skywall – Looking for just about anything except warlocks and hunters, Choice is a great group of people who are 11/12 on 25-man (just Al’Akir up) and 12/12 on 10-man. Apply now!

Prior to the show, I asked people to tweet me with their most hated rep grinds and the ones they thought were easiest. Follow these fine people! 🙂

@DPShaw3: Earthen Ring is least favorite right now. Needs dailies!

@TikariOfET: Timbermaw and sporeggar weren’t bad – herbalist rogue made the latter easy. Hate ogrila; aether rays at 80 or 85 suck

@kenakabones: you say that implying any rep doesnt suck… but the most hated would have to be Hydraxian Waterlords just because its so limited

@Bindww: Without question the guild rep. It takes too long of a grind and the random caps it puts on rep makes it nigh impossible to hit Exalted with a new guild. Deters people from leaving their guilds and hurts recruitment as a whole.

@Hulrok: Favorite was the rep grind in Nagrand for the mount. Least favorite was Sons of Hodir, pre relics.

@SerrinneWoW: Switching from Scryer exalted to Aldor exalted was my most hated but gave me an achivement.  SOOO many dead spiders! hyjal rep was easy and fun 😀

@Technophobia: favorites = any Bronze Dragonflight related ones.  Most-hated = Duke Wetnap and the Hydraxian Warlords.


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