Episode 62 – Discussing Diablo, WoW, RealID & BattleTags

Welcome to Episode 62 of Blessing of Frost! This week, Majik and Kurn discuss RealID and BattleTags as they pertain to Diablo III and World of Warcraft.

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“Don’t Stand So Close to Me” clip copyright The Police, 1980.

Dark Legacy Comic #107 – “But if I use my mouse to turn how do I click Rend?”

Various RealID/etc posts:

Kurn‘s two posts:
RealID, BattleTags and Blizzard’s “Social Network”
Why I Disabled RealID

MMO Melting Pot‘s round-up:
Diabloe 3: The Unavoidable, Always-On Social Network?

Vidyala‘s post:
Solitude and the Advent of Battle Tags

Rohan‘s post:
Battletags and Invisibility

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2 Replies to “Episode 62 – Discussing Diablo, WoW, RealID & BattleTags”

  1. My thoughts on the “limited” bag space are as follows:
    Given that zipping to town to vendor stuff is free and always available, I don’t get why they didn’t just give us larger inventory to begin with. In D2 when zipping to town required a reagent, you had to be much more stringent on what you picked up because you COULDN’T just hearth at a moment’s notice. I think that scrolls of TP were in D3 earlier on, thus requiring Waypoints, but now that scrolls are gone we don’t even need THOSE.

    That being said, I also don’t pick up grey/whites anymore. The average price for one of those is like, 5g? When blues/rares sell for upwards of 200g, it’s just not worth my time to pick up all of them, thus resulting in more frequent visits to town.

    Also, our recruitment info has a typo. Our Heroic Madness progress is no longer 5% 🙂

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