Episode 46 – The Fall of Deathwing Bosses

Welcome back, everyone! Here’s hoping your holidays were wonderful and you’re all set to come back and kick some Dragon Soul ass!

In this episode, we cover Ultraxion, Warmaster Blackhorn, Spine of Deathwing and the Madness of Deathwing. It’s a pretty hefty episode, so I hope you’re ready!

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Hotfixes! There were some minor hotfixes that came out over the break and we also cover the ones that came out shortly after we recorded the podcast last time.

The winner of our contest was JoeEgo812! He made us an awesome MOLL-E bumper, which you’ll hear in this very episode. He chose a Lil’ KT as his prize, courtesy of Serrath! Again, thanks to Serrath for providing the prize and thanks so much to Joe for participating in the contest. The rest of you could, you know, submit stuff!

The I Took an Arrow in the Knee meme comes from the new(ish) game Skyrim, which both myself and Maj had the opportunity to play over the holidays. (In particular, this YouTube video – which is loud and NSFW – is pretty amusing.)

Tips from Twitter folks about the back-half of Dragon Soul — follow them!

@xmolder: Please, for the love of God, kill the tendon. #brotip

@BeruHeals: Don’t fall off the dragon!

@JoeEgo812: On Blackhorn, your raid only NEEDS to soak the Twilight Onslaught (large swirly). / Regenerative Bloods are easier to burst down on later platforms if you let them stack up & regen once before starting AOE.

@thereadycheck, re: Ultraxion: noticed so many 10 mans still 3 heal it when 2 healing is simple with good crystal use.

@miss_pewpew, re: fights where you should stack: Stack tight. I see soo many ranged sitting out of healing aoe circles *pulls my hair out*

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