Episode 8 – How to Stay Professional

Blessing of Frost, Episode 8: How to Stay Professional

Blessing of Frost Episode 8 has arrived and we are talking about professions this week! Find out what Kurn’s twitter followers think is the worst profession to level, listen to the banter between Kurn and Majik and get to know this week’s guest, Dahrla, a shadow priest in Apotheosis.

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2 Replies to “Episode 8 – How to Stay Professional”

  1. Hey guys – great podcast. I’ve added it to my weekly listening!

    I wanted to chime in on the professions discussion, particularly the part where you mention it used to be the big thing to have Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting for the hardcore min-maxers.

    I expect this to repeat itself come 4.2.x.

    The reason for Jewelcrafting is simple. It is 1 point better than the other crafting professions in your chosen field (brilliant chimaera eyes are 67 intellect, 27 better than the current best quality gem – 27 * 3 = 81).

    The reason for Blacksmithing is a little more in depth. Blacksmithing provides you with two extra sockets (wrist and gloves). Currently, the best quality of gems is superior (40 intellect) and causes the two extra sockets to balance with other crafting professions at +80 of your primary stat. When epic gems are introduced those sockets will then be worth +100 of your primary stat (or whatever the quality of epics turns out to be). I say 4.2.x because epic gems have traditionally been released with the third tier of content in an expansion (MH/BT in BC; ToC in Wrath).

    Great show. Looking forward to next week. 🙂 (P.S. – I’m totally not a stalker like Dahrla… maybe.)

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