Episode 1 – A Blessing of Frost Upon You

Welcome to the first-ever episode of a new World of Warcraft podcast — Blessing of Frost. Blessing of Frost is a podcast hosted by Kurn and Majik of Apotheosis. Have a listen!

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(It should be noted that about an hour after we finished recording, the race changes were confirmed to be going live, not just re-rolls.)

Links referred to during the podcast:

Loot stuff: Dark Legacy Comics #152

Majik’s shout-out to Darista, a fellow guildie and officer: Daritos’ Food for ThoughtDecursive Post

Fire is bad: Root and Branch’s “Warning: Never Do This”

You can email us at blessingoffrost [at] apotheosis-now [dot] com and you can leave comments here, too.

Thanks for listening!