Episode 73 – Black Market Brawling

Posted: 13th November 2012 by Kurn in Podcast

Finally, Episode 73 of Blessing of Frost is out! This week, we talk a bit about what to expect in 5.1, especially the Brawler’s Guild feature.

The Cinder Kitten is actually really cute and Blizzard will take 100% of the proceeds of the sale and donate them to the American Red Cross to help those in need, such as those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. You can donate at the Red Cross site without purchasing a Cinder Kitten at redcross.org. Even if you don’t live in the US, consider a small donation to your local Red Cross or equivalent!

Ghostcrawler tweeted with Kurn the other day, about Holy Avenger and holy paladins.

The first-ever rare Kurn and Majik camped specifically for a drop was Prince Nazjak and the item was the Tidal Charm.

The Torch of the Damned is a pretty sweet-looking 2H mace that drops of Reliquary of Souls in Black Temple.

And if you’re curious about why Kurn’s quitting (although if you’ve listened to the podcast since, like, Firelands, you shouldn’t be all that curious), you can read her related blog posts starting here.

  1. Jacii says:

    For Majik,

    An easy 450 weapon for each of your 90s. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=31207/the-arena-of-annihilation easily done in the Arena of Annihilation scenario.

  2. Maj the Mage says:

    Thanks for the tip!