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Episode 71 – Parting the Mists

Posted: 24th September 2012 by Kurn in Podcast

Ladies and gentlemen, Episode 71 is here just in time for the Mists of Pandaria launch! Good luck to everyone and make sure you stay healthy even if you’re planning to play as soon as it launches! Kurn’s off to Italy for a couple of weeks, so we’ll be back either the week of October […]

Episode 70 – Rho, Rho, Rho Your Boat

Posted: 19th September 2012 by Kurn in Podcast

Episode 70 has arrived and our guest this week is Rho (@RhoWow) of the Realm Maintenance (@RealmPodcast) podcast. Rho was kind enough to volunteer to be our guest this week after we were his guests over at Realm Maintenance for Episode 5.

Hot fixes for 5.0.5 can be found here: Here’s the Daily […]

Episode 69 – 5.0 Fallout

Posted: 11th September 2012 by Kurn in Podcast

5.0.4 hit on August 28th and changed the game significantly. In this episode, we chat with Amowrath of the blog Light’s Wrath and the guild Undying Resolution (US-Elune).

Herald of the Titans link at Wowhead And this is Majik’s terrible healing UI from the first time Apotheosis killed Doomwalker and Kazzak… Kurn’s shoutout for […]