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Episode 40 Delayed!

Posted: 30th October 2011 by Kurn in programming notes

Due to the snowstorm in the US Northeast, Episode 40 of Blessing of Frost will be delayed because Majik has no power. We may try to get an episode out this week, just later on, or Episode 40 might only happen next week. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, VOTE FOR KURN as Loudest […]

Episode 39 – BlizzCon Banter!

Posted: 25th October 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Episode 39 shows up (a little late in the day) and discusses the happenings of BlizzCon 2011! No, Kurn and Majik weren’t there, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to say about the weekend’s events!

MMO-Champion has everything you need to know about the upcoming WoW expansion and BlizzCon coverage. MMO Melting […]

Call for Submissions!

Posted: 23rd October 2011 by Kurn in call for submissions

If you went to BlizzCon, we’d love to have your audio submissions (by midnight ET on Monday night/Tuesday morning) sent to us at! In a ~3-5 minute segment, we want to hear your quick (!) thoughts about BlizzCon and such. It would be great to get the following info in the wav or mp3 […]

Episode 38 – Happy Hallow’s End!

Posted: 18th October 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Another holiday is upon us and, yet again, Kurn and Majik tackle the various achievements related to the holidays. Of course, shortly after recording the episode, Wowhead came out with a guide that shows that the holiday has changed to remove the majority of the randomness from it! But we still cover the holiday fairly […]

Episode 37 is here, complete with obscure references to the movie Clerks, as well as some talk about burnout as it pertains to WoW. Our special guest this week is Mylana, a combat rogue from Choice of Skywall (currently 3/7 25-man HM, looking for DPS and healers!).

Pliers (@pliers1) from Edge of Garona (also […]

Episode 36 – Nassi Natters

Posted: 4th October 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Today’s episode of Blessing of Frost has a special guest from the guild Choice on the US Skywall server. Nassi, the recruitment officer from Choice, joins us to chat about different sorts of personalities being drawn to different types of roles in the game. (Choice, 2/7 on 25-man heroic Firelands, by the way, is seeking […]