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Episode 27 – Tikari Talks!

Posted: 26th July 2011 by Kurn in Podcast, programming notes

It’s time, yet again, for another episode of Blessing of Frost! Our guest this time around is the newly-promoted-to-officer Tikari, a rogue who joined us in Apotheosis just before Cataclysm launched. Our General Chat topic consists of a discussion of the various hooks Blizzard uses to get us to keep playing, followed by why we’re […]

Episode 26 – Various Valor Point Vexations

Posted: 19th July 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

After a mistakenly extended vacation from the podcast, Majik and Kurn are back with episode 26 of Blessing of Frost. Today’s show discusses the many issues with the Valor Point system and Kurn clearly has a lot to say on the matter.

Please bear in mind that this podcast was recorded before Blizzard announced […]