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Episode 18 – There is Only Zul

Posted: 26th April 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Episode 18 is here to help you figure out what to do now that Patch 4.1 has hit the servers! Of course, we strongly encourage you to read the actual patch notes!

Official Patch Notes: Official Patch Trailer: MMO-Champion’s 4.1 Info: Kurn’s Shoutout: Canadians should go to if you have […]

Episode 17 – Talking to Tiandrina (the Insane)

Posted: 19th April 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Episode 17 arrives with Tiandrina as our guest this week! We gripe about weird heroic lockouts and talk a lot about reputation with the Queen of Rep of Apotheosis!

Remote Guild Chat Announcement – Canadians, go vote on May 2nd! Choice of Skywall – Looking for just about anything except warlocks and hunters, […]

Episode 16 – Snap, Crackle, Corruption!

Posted: 12th April 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Episode 16 is here with tips and tricks and details about the Cho’gall fight and the Nefarian fight, the two end-bosses of Bastion of Twilight and Blacking Descent, respectively.

It was @Elsen_DraenorEU who said she was going to listen to all 15 episodes of Blessing of Frost at work on Monday to keep her […]

Episode 15 – Beating Down Bastion

Posted: 5th April 2011 by Kurn in Podcast

Episode 15 of Blessing of Frost — how on earth did that happen? No guest this week, just Majik and Kurn chattering away about Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona & Theralion and the Ascendant Council.

  And we are proven wrong once again… Hours after recording the podcast, MMO-Champion updated the ZA/ZG loot list to include: […]